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"Women are a magical force.
They surround themselves with an emotional tension stronger than the rationality of men..."
C.G. Jung

Those around us do not always reward us for our feminine gifts, and often our greatest offerings are relegated to the shadows.  It becomes imperative that at some point in our lives we are compelled to awaken to the wonders of who we really are and to ask what are we meant to do and what life were we born to live.

When I began my journey of transformation, instead of wishing and hoping, I put my energies into using my gifts.  I am and I continue to be on a wonderfully, exciting journey, so why not join me on your own journey of Celebrating the Feminine?

The upcoming workshops and retreats for women this summer will give you the opportunity to answer your questions, to delve into your issues—whether it is through writing or other creative endeavors.  You will not only be inspired, you will be given the tools to create the life you are imagining and hoping for.

All my workshops and retreats are designed for you to actively participate, hopefully revel in our time together, and expand your insight along the way.  With small numbers attending, you are guaranteed individual time and attention.


    Elizabeth Rodenz Ph.D.

"Thank you so much for  helping us all to heal over these past few days, for energizing us and helping us to regain our focus. I personally feel enriched by the time we spent together. And you were so vital to all of this! Thank you for sharing your gift with us and for being a friend."   Mary

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