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What ARCHETYPES Rule our LiVeS?

“Until you make the Unconscious Conscious, it will direct your life,
and you will call it fate.”    Carl Jung

We all have a leading role in our own story, but on our life's journey we are not always aware of the roles that unconsciously play out in our lives.   To carve out a future with a leading role of your own choice, it is important to make conscious choices.  Making conscious choices in the future also requires discovering why your life evolved as it did.  Just as you unconsciously made choices, you were also probably unconscious of the powerful forces within that affected what you did and how you felt and how and why society accepted or rejected you.

These inner patterns, called archetypes, contribute to the major differences between all men and women.  For example, some little girls live their lives as sugar and spice and everything nice.  Other girls may be considered willful and want to have the same privileges as their brothers.   Some men might want to work with their hands, creating something beautiful and functional, but the family business desires something else.  What is meaningful and fulfilling in one person may not have any attraction to another, and the more complicated the person, the more likely there are many archetypes residing within.

The journey you will embark upon in this workshop will reveal how the gods and goddess in myths connect to the archetypes that remain in the collective unconscious until we make them conscious.  Once you understand how myth connects to archetypes and the relationship to your own personal psychology, you will appreciate the gifts that have served you well and the tendencies that have caused you problems along the way. 

Elizabeth has been conducting workshops throughout the United States since 1986 and a student of Carl Jung's work since 1981.  Jung's work on psychological types, the psyche and self, conscious and the collective unconscious has been the foundation of her work as an executive and transformational coach, management consultant, and workshop facilitator.

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