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Spirit of Memoir Writing Workshop

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

                                       —Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Memoirs focus on profoundly-felt minutes and hours and days--a time when you were most alive or times when your experiences were meaningful, significant, possibly life-changing. In that way a memoir is different from an autobiography that spans one's whole life.

Everyone's life holds many tales.  Whether your life is wildly eccentric or relatively ordinary, there is a good chance there's something intriguing, unforgettable about it.  That is why everyday people telling their stories has become the focus of memoirs today.  It is not just the rich and famous who get published.

Memoirs are not unlike fiction as many would believe.  To make readers turn the page and care about the characters, your memoir must be told with the flair of fiction.  Your characters must jump off the page.  Your storyline must be compelling.

Like a jigsaw puzzle, all writing has pieces that must fit together to make the story complete, and like baking bread, it must have all the ingredients, or it will not rise or it will turn into a rock when baked.  As in putting together a jigsaw puzzle, if you leave out a piece of the puzzle, the story will not fit together.  It will be unbelievable or leave the reader wondering.  As in baking bread, if you leave out an ingredient the story will fall flat.

Writers who just want to concentrate on their writing in a supportive and encouraging environment are welcome.  New, emerging writers who have never picked up a pen are welcome.  Those that have been writing bits and pieces of a memoir and are lost and confused and asking "what next?" are welcome.  Writers that have written a memoir or parts of it and need help in pulling the pieces together are welcome.

The course is suitable for writers that want to:

  • Write and organize a memoir for publication
  • Write a memoir for family and friends
  • Explore life experiences to gain understanding into one's life
  • Use writing as a healing process
Whatever you wish to achieve, Elizabeth will encourage and guide you throughout.  You will discover techniques for untangling your life stories and begin to use your life experiences to form a structure to fit your sequence of events.  Your writing will be heightened, and the story you need to tell will resonate for your readers.  Throughout, you will enjoy bringing forth your creativity and discover a new meaning as to how you came to be who you are.  Often, writing is freeing, healing, or just fun.

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