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Crafting Dynamic, Compelling Characters

for Writers of Fiction and Memoir

You could have the best story line in the world, but it won't float unless you develop believable characters to carry it along and deliver the plot.  People are multi-dimensional, and so the characters need to be believable.  They need to be portrayed as having full lives outside the story you are writing. The best way to do this is for you to know your character inside and out and that applies to the characters in your memoir as well. Creating characters or writing about actual people known to you includes more than what he eats for breakfast, what is her favorite color, whether he lives with this parents, how tall she is, and so on.

You will discover techniques to create and report characters that will linger in the hearts and minds of your readers long after they have finished your book.  You will also receive valuable resources and strategies that will make your fictional and actual characters come alive, give them emotional depth, and make them believable even if they are fictional.

This workshop is for writers who have a story they wish to tell and are in the throes of writing their characters.  This workshop will help you put flesh on the bones of those characters—a must if you are writing a memoir or a character-driven novel.

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