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A Circle of Women

Celebrating the Feminine

As a woman travels through life, what she is forced or cajoled to do, what she’s allowed to do, what opportunities are presented to her—any or all these experiences may draw her away from emerging and celebrating her authentic self.

Cultural dictates, expectations of family, relationships with friends and loved ones, professional ambitions, religious doctrine, life events—all may jeopardize her relationship with her true self.  If a woman does not have a support system encouraging her to cultivate her deepest self and reflect upon what the universe may be calling her to be, a woman may suffer a disconnect from her inner core.

Our time together will give you an opportunity to reclaim your authentic self.  Within a circle of women, you will have the opportunity to expand your understanding of the archetypal Feminine and contemplate searching for your life.

This monthly series is intended for women age 50 and over.  While the goal of these sessions is to inspire women to ponder their respective life journey, the sessions should not be considered as group therapy.  To enable every participant to interact within the group, this program will be limited to eight participants.  To benefit and maximize the dynamics of this circle, participants are strongly encouraged to attend regularly. 

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