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                                Fairy Tales and Archetypes

Myths, fables, and fairy tales are intriguing stories that  have resided deep within our collective unconscious.  They are even more fascinating and meaningful when we realize they can unearth oft-guarded and private truths about ourselves and others in our lives. 

Fairy tales often represent the simplest expression of the collective unconscious.  In their once-upon-a-time reality, fairy tales illustrate how the personal and the impersonal worlds are entwined and weave in and out of each other, uniting the past and present.  

They are an avenues to expose the archetypal realm, allowing our unique, individual stories to become universal—part of the collective.  Above all, our innermost Self can be revealed. 

In this workshop several fairy tales will be read to explore the archetypal realm—the part of the unconscious of psyche and self.  You will discover some of the archetypal themes and inherent archetypes that have unconsciously directed your life, giving you more insight and understanding about your life’s journey.

As one attendee said after a discussion of Bluebeard, “Now so much of my life makes sense.  Archetypal themes are everywhere—many directing our lives, and we don’t know it.”

Elizabeth also uses the discussion of archetypal themes and archetypes in writing workshop to help writers of memoir bring together the bits and pieces of their lives and reflect and heal. 

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