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 Spirit of Fiction Writing Workshop

Have you ever suspected that there might be a writer lurking inside you? Have you harbored a secret notebook, maybe in your head, of half-started stories?  Then this workshop is for you.  In this workshop-style format you will find your way first by releasing that writer within through creative prompts to get the words flowing, and then by discovering the elements of all good stories, including character, action, plot, description, dialogue, setting, and more.

This intensive workshop is conducted in a safe, supportive setting to nurture your creative spirit.  You will enjoy the camaraderie of other writers, lively conversation, and productive sessions.  All of this will be in a comfortable setting, inspiring and relaxing places to write and reflect, artistic endeavors, and inspiring company.

This workshop is for writers who have never picked up a pen, those who have been writing for years, if only in their heads, and those who are grappling with how to make their characters and plot hang together. You will have the opportunity to shape and deepen the work you have already done or if you are a first-time writer, you will begin to participate in the magical world of writing.  

Your writing will receive feedback, and you will be provided guidance and inspiration to delve deeper into your characters, plot, and setting and refine your dialogue, narrative, and descriptions.  

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Thanks for the great week.  It was an experience I shall long remember, especially
your concern for all of us
and your impassioned treatment of the material you shared.

I hope everyone there comes to
appreciate your work as much as I do. You are a very special woman."  Elaine

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