Magical world of Writing

For Writers of Fiction or Memoir

Each of the two workshops will meet every Monday for six weeks

Is there a writer lurking within your very being?  Have you harbored a secret notebook, maybe in your head, of half-started stories?  Then this class is for you.

In this workshop-style format you will find your way first by releasing that writer within through creative prompts to get the words flowing, and then by discovering the elements of all good stories, including character, action, setting, and more. Whether they produce fiction or memoirs, all writers transport their readers to places both real and imagined through their choice of words and images.  You will be encouraged to identify those places that resonate within you and to ground your writing in those places.

This class is for anyone who longs to write but doesn’t know where to start and for writers who have dabbled but lost their way or need to know more about the craft of writing.

Bring a current project or start from the beginning.  This course can be taken again and again.  Writing is an evolving process.

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