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Spirit of Women Writing Workshop

Bath, Maine

Between the imagining and the doing, between magic and everyday life, lies the spirit of the writer

 Writers of fiction or non-fiction and poets are welcome

Welcome to the unknown--into your writing, into your soul.  Escape the distractions that whisk you away from your writing.  Fine-tune your craft and energize your writing with a challenging and supportive writing workshop in a retreat-like setting. 

This writing workshop held in Bath, Maine, will renew and stimulate your writing and will focus on process rather than product.  
By joining me on this journey, you will be amazed at your progress.

During this one week journey, you will be:

  • Delving into your writing spirit and deepening your characters and stories—putting flesh on the bones.
  • Exploring archetypes and merging them within your story to heighten interest in the characters
  • Mining the depths of your characters through sensory tools, imagery, and character interviews.
  • Thickening the plot and exploding it in appropriate directions.
  • Putting a structure in place that will sustain the plot
  • Starting the book at the beginning and purging the rest
  • Enhancing the description and setting
  • Writing dialogue that propels the story forward
  • Acquiring techniques to support and guide other writers, without criticizing.
  • Marketing your book to agents and/or publishing companies.


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“Elizabeth, it was wonderful being in a supportive place
 to write.  This has been so worthwhile.” 

"After working with Elizabeth my characters came alive.  I couldn't wait to wake up in the morning and hated to go to bed at night.  Writing was no longer like pulling teeth.  The creativity and energy just flowed.  Mandy

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