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Upon my high school graduation I came across the poem, The Bridge Builder.  It tells the story of an old man who was traveling along a highway and came to a chasm.  He crossed that chasm vast and deep and wide and started building a bridge back across to the other side.  A fellow pilgrim asked why he was building the bridge.  The old man explained that crossing the chasm was not a problem for him but to a youth it may well be.  He was building the bridge for him.

After a decade or so I stopped to reflect upon what those words meant to me deep within and have reworked the essence of that poem to make it my own. 

Whether I’m delivering a keynote address, conducting a workshop, writing an article or a book, or coaching a client, I am always mindful that unlike the bridge builder who built the bridge for others, I wanted to help people build their own bridges.

I don’t have the answers, but I will challenge you to look deep within your very being to build the bridges that will give you inner peace.  I will challenge you to chart a new path—to make choices that are your choices and not the result of external forces.  I will challenge you to become who you are meant to be.  I will challenge you to discover how to turn your dreams into reality—building bridges to maneuver the chasm vast and deep and wide and get to the other side.  It’s a fascinating journey.  Join me!

                                                                   Many blessings

Click here for the poem “The Bridge Builder”

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