Carl Jung and Elizabeth Rodenz

This page is dedicated to the work of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung

as embraced and interpreted by Elizabeth Rodenz


Once Swiss psychologist Carl Jung had managed to separate himself and his work from Sigmund Freud, he was able to devote his time and personal research to his lifetime vision of developing the human being as a unique individual.  His belief was in individuation, the differentiation of the individual conscious and unconscious, and the development of what he called “wholeness."  Jung called this new science “analytical psychology.” Throughout the last thirty-five years of her personal journey, Elizabeth has embraced the world and the work of Carl Jung.  His body of work is the basis of the personal development workshops and coaching sessions she conducts.   Whatever the endeavor Elizabeth's goal is to engage and inspire, but she doesn’t stop there.  Elizabeth will help you answer the questions that are burning deep within and guide you to that "wholeness" you seek.

The ground-breaking work of Carl Jung a century ago and the dedicated work of Elizabeth Rodenz today are both based on the belief that we human beings were born on this earth with a specific set of traits, talents, and capabilities.  Those attributes make us absolutely unique.  However, in today’s world there are many influences that prevent us from being our true selves – the dictates of our culture, expectations of family, relationships with friends and loved ones, professional ambitions, religious doctrine, life events—any or even all of these may jeopardize the relationship we have with our true self.  We need to understand and bring forth our inherent qualities in order to rise above such challenges and fulfill and complete our destiny.

Elizabeth’s workshops and discussion groups are designed to help us do exactly that.

Elizabeth will take you on a journey from where you are now to where you would really like to be,

to a fuller understanding of yourself  and to a new “wholeness.” 

With her charismatic, enthusiastic, and captivating style Elizabeth's programs have met with universal acclaim. 

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