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The Magical World of Writing

Is there a writer lurking within your very being?  Have you harbored a secret notebook in your mind of half-started stories?  Do words and thoughts keep knocking on your door, crying out to be heard?  Until you put those words and thoughts down on paper, they are floating in space, not grounded, not real, not important, so they swirl and swirl in your head.

In this activity-based format you will find your way by learning to write from that place where words flow, time is suspended, and spontaneous connections are made.  Whether they produce fiction or memoirs, writers transport their readers to places both imagined and real through their choice of words and images.

You will be encouraged to identify those places that resonate within you and to ground your writing in those places. You will engage all of your senses in the process of writing.

The sessions will bring together instruction, feedback on your writing, and prompts.  This class is for anyone who longs to write but doesn’t know where to start and for writers who have dabbled but lost their way.  Bring a current project or start from the beginning.  All writing genres are welcome.

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