by Elizabeth Rodenz, Ph.D.

A true but fictional story!
TRUE in that the book teaches about personality type in a unique and ground-breaking way.
FICTIONAL in that it recounts the fascinating story of sixteen quirky, memorable characters who live in the small town of NeverWas.  And Elizabeth makes it very clear when she states:
“A trip to NeverWas is good for the heart, spirit, and mind.”
As the reader you will be challenged to seek out the hundreds of clues embedded throughout the story and solve the mystery.  By so doing you will find yourself identifying with certain characters, (and perhaps disliking some others) and eventually find yourself—your personality type—in NeverWas.
Are you an “odd duck” or are you a “bird of a feather?” The townsfolk find themselves saying more and more, “Well, I never,” and in NeverWas that’s not a good thing.  What’s causing it?  The odd ducks have taken up residence and are making the townsfolk scramble.  The newspaper editor is continually proposing new ideas. The good mayor keeps wringing her hands.  Townsfolk are experiencing peculiar and quirky symptoms.  A resident is being talked about in hushed whispers, and a stranger appears in town. 
Miraculous rewards await you
  •     Learn about the sixteen different personality types according to Dr. Carl Jung.
  •     Start to appreciate the strengths and uniqueness you and others bring to relationships. 
  •     Discover how to navigate the landmines of differences, create alliances in the workplace, and build stronger personal and professional relationships.
The book also contains three appendices:
  • Appendix A--A list of observed type behaviors to help you type the characters
  • Appendix B--Tips for reaching out to the opposite preferences
  • Appendix C--Questions for teachers, and trainers, and every reader who wants to know more.
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