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"Who looks outside, dreams.  Who looks inside, awakes."   C.G. Jung

Those around us do not always reward us for our gifts, and often our greatest offerings are relegated to the shadows. At some point in our lives we feel compelled to awaken to the wonders of who we really are and to ask what are we meant to do and what life were we born to live.

Are you craving a community of like-minded women?  Are you at a defining moment in your life?  Are you aching to rekindle the hopes and dreams you once held dear?  Do you desire to understand your life's journey?  What got you to NOW and what's next? 

Coming Out of the Shadows—A Journey of Transformation offers inspiration and guidance, shows you how to navigate through life's challenges and transitions, and supports you on your journey. 

Like many who are beginning to awaken, you may also feel overwhelmed and confused about how to start. You may be experiencing a gap between the reality of your lived experiences and the life you imagine.  Maybe you want to do what your heart desires, live your unlived life.  

Awaken your heart and mind.  Ignite your spirit.  Soothe your soul. 

Some of the topics we will focus on more fully will include:

·       Finding one’s pack—the need to belong but where?

·       Purging the masks you wear 

·       Developing Self—the spirit and soul within, the side of you that may not be known even to you

·       Discovering the archetypes and shadows that reside within and use them to your advantage

·       Balancing the masculine and feminine—a great combination for getting heard and achieving success in personal and professional relationships

·       Transforming your beliefs about what gives you power, your voice, and your place in the world

·       Liberating yourself from the tyranny of the behaviors that disenfranchise and disempower you

·       Preserving your dignity and discovering your identity

·       Acquiring an effective voice and discovering how to use it effectively.

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"Thank you so much for helping us all to heal, for energizing us and helping us to regain our focus. I personally feel enriched by the time we spent together, and you were so vital to all of this! Thank you for sharing your gift with us and for being a friend."  Christine