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If you only read only one book, this should be it.  It’s one of my Bibles that’s never far away because it has brought and continues to bring meaning into my life.

Within every woman there lives a powerful force, a Wild Woman, who represents the primitive nature of women.  But that being is an endangered species.

Through the stories and insights in the book "Women Who Run With the Wolves," you will have the opportunity to take a journey through your life.  It shows you how to be daring and caring, unearth your intuition if you have denied it, and begin to live the life you are meant to live.  It is also a roadmap of all the pitfalls that we, as women, encounter in a culture that asks us to deny who we are.

This book discussion is an opportunity to discuss the many parables throughout the book as they relate to your life and revel in our time together.

Join me.

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