Why read Elizabeth’s book:

Odd Ducks and Birds of a Feather, A Mystery of Type

How many fictional stories today offer you the gift of understanding yourself and others and the opportunity to learn what to do with that understanding?  “Odd Ducks and Birds of a Feather:  A Mystery of Type” does just that.

Dr. Elizabeth Rodenz, a Pittsburgh author, combines a work of fiction with an approach to teaching personality types.  In the fictional tale of a place called NeverWas, (but it might have been,) you will uncover clues about the characters’ personalities that are skillfully embedded within the mystery.  

Of the many rewards you will experience from reading this book, you will

1.  Find yourself and those of others in your life as one of the characters

2. Start to appreciate the unique qualities of your own personality and that of others

3.  Begin to release the frustration you feel about people who you find irritating or with whom you have continual conflict

4. Increase your ability to enhance relationships and reduce that frustration, irritation, and conflict.

Elizabeth has crafted her book around the eight dimensions that make up your personality, identified by Dr. Carl Jung, Swiss psychologist, and surveyed in the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

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